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Trade Practices, Competition and Consumer Law

Competition and Consumer Legislation

In Australia, there is legislation both at Commonwealth and at State level dealing with many facets of running a business and regulating certain types of conduct incidental to that.

Whether you are a company, an individual, a partnership, association, or little more than an excited business plan, various parts of the legislation will certainly apply to you and your conduct in relation to your business, customers, potential customers and the public generally.

In particular, the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), the Australian Consumer Law contained within it, and associated regulations and codes, provide some very specific rules about things such as anti-competitive conduct, product safety, advertising, access to declared services, dealings with consumers, misleading or deceptive conduct, unfair contract provisions, pyramid schemes and warranties in sale of goods and services.

How Can We Help?

We can:

  • advise you of your rights and/or obligations under the relevant legislation;
  • advise you as to the extent to which the relevant legislation applies to your organisation;
  • audit your organisation's compliance with the legislation;
  • help you develop a plan to enable your organisation to comply with and remain in compliance with the legislative requirements;
  • provide presentations/classes to all staff of your organisation to educate them in relation to the legislative requirements relevant to your organisation;
  • provide materials and guides to you and your staff to assist to maintain your compliance with the legislation;
  • assist you to resolve any trade practices disputes; and
  • provide any trade practices advice you may need.