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Telecommunications / Broadcasting

Regulatory Issues for Telcos, ISPs and Other Providers

Whether you are a major telecommunications provider, an ISP, an internet content host, a mobile or internet content provider or another business involved in the communications industry, the continuation of your right or licence to provide the services you provide will usually depend upon your continued compliance with relevant legislation and regulation such as the Telecommunications Act, Broadcasting Services Act and so on.

The legislation gives you rights you should be aware of and obligations to which you must adhere and which regularly change even if only subtly.

Issues for Other Businesses and Consumers

Equally, if you use telecommunications, internet or broadcasting services in your business or even privately for your own use, the same legislation regulates what you are permitted to do and what rights you have when those who provide those services do not themselves comply with the legislation.

How Can We Help?

Our lawyers have broad experience advising and representing providers ranging from large telecommunications companies to small business ISPs. We also advise and represent consumers (both business and private) of such services and parties involved in providing and receiving such services.

We can update you in relation to legal changes that are relevant to you or your business and assist you to ensure that as a business you are compliant with the legislation or that as a consumer of services you are appropriately protected.