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Legal Risk Analysis

Every contract you enter into, every transaction you make, every project you want to commence, every business dealing you have, every legal action you wish to partake in, every document you sign ... all of these things and more have legal ramifications and will therefore involve at least some legal risk to you.

There are countless horrendous tales of businesses and individuals who have jumped into projects and legal transactions without having properly assessed and managed the legal risks first. There is not much point making a habit of going to your lawyer afterwards and hoping for the best - it is undoubtedly always best to seek advice first, even if you believe you are across all relevant issues.

At the very least you owe it to yourself and your business and colleagues to obtain the peace of mind of having a properly qualified and experienced lawyer evaluate and advise you upon the relevant risks and how to manage them, even if they are simply confirming what you believed.

Whether you are embarking upon a major project, seeking to commercialise or protect an invention or simply signing a deed of non-disclosure, it is our strong recommendation that you seek legal advice first.

We have vast experience in all of the legal areas shown at the left of the screen and can assist you to minimise and manage all legal risks associated with your proposed project, agreement or business plan.

Would you jump out of a plane without checking your parachute or jump into water without checking the depth first?

Neither would we.