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Procuring services or goods on a large scale or for the implementation of a major project, or even outsourcing a small part of your business to third parties, involves a great deal of trust, time, money and risk.

It is crucial to a successful result that the transition to what will essentially be a new (or at least substantially altered) business environment be appropriately documented and managed. Appropriate management of such a project involves careful analysis and management of all legal risks both before and after implementation and appropriate documentation of all stages and agreements.


If you are tendering or have successfully tendered for the provision of goods or services, then appropriate management of your legal risks and concise but complete documentation of all information and (especially) agreements is also going to be pivotal to your success in that project.

Even before you win the tender, you need to manage all relevant legal issues from the time you commence drafting your tender - legal obligations arise during the tender process whether or not you win the tender.

How Can We Help?

Whether you are seeking tenders / procuring goods or services, or submitting tenders to provide goods or services, we can provide you with all of the legal assistance you will require, including:

  • risk analysis and advice;

  • drafting, reviewing and advising upon relevant agreements;

  • assistance in resolving disputes and enforcing your rights where necessary;

  • ensuring regulatory compliance both during the tendering process and during the project.