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Technology / ICT

In whatever industry you are in, whether it be the IT industry, any industry involving information, communications or telephony, or a simple retail business selling widgets to customers with a penchant for widgets - chances are that you at some stage require some sort of IT hardware, software or consultancy and that you need to store and communicate information in various forms from time to time.  Chances are also that you use or sell technology of various types, whether hi-tech, lo-tech, cloud based or a combination of each.

Almost all businesses now make significant use of the internet, e-commerce and/or cloud based technologies in some way, and from time to time require IT consultants or staff to install new hardware and software, procure expertise to create IT solutions, have communications solutions installed and upgraded and tailored to suit the business, perhaps even enter into a major hardware and software project to change the way the business does business and communicates.

Any of these can be a major undertaking in terms of time and cost, but even if it is only a minor installation you are embarking upon, there will be legal ramifications and regulations affecting or arising out of what you propose to do.

Similarly, if you are in an IT / ICT industry and are providing related solutions to clients, there are many legal considerations for you to take into account in every aspect of your business.

From licensing to logistics, procurement to go live, there will be legal agreements, risks, rights and liabilities that you will need to know about and be sure of before taking that next step in the project or making that next milestone payment.

How Can We Help?

Our team frequently advises clients in relation to the above issues, drafts and reviews all relevant contracts, assists clients to project manage in major projects, represents clients in the event of disputes and assists clients to discover and evaluate all legal risks associated with what they are proposing or what they are doing right now.

Our Special Counsel, Scott Coulthart, has been deeply involved in the IT and ICT industries for over 20 years and was a successful and experienced computer programmer and systems analyst before entering the legal industry. There are very few (if any) lawyers in Australia who have as much experience in the IT industry as we do.

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