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Confidential Information

What Rights Attach to Confidential Information?

Some things are simply meant to be kept a secret.

Information communicated to someone in confidence may in certain circumstances have rights attached to it enabling the party who wants to keep it secret to force the receiver of the information to keep it secret.

If the receiver tells someone else, threatens to tell someone else or even uses the information for their own gain, this can sometimes give the party who gave them that information a right to sue them.

How Can We Help?

If there is information you want to keep confidential and make sure that others do as well (such as information about an invention or idea you have, but you need someone else's help to take your idea further), we can draft an appropriate Non-Disclosure agreement and advise you of your related rights.

We can also advise you of your rights and obligations in relation to confidential information you have acquired or communicated, and we can help you to protect that information, especially if you have not used or communicated it yet (see us first!!).

If you believe someone is misusing or about to misuse or reveal your confidential information, we may be able to help you stop them from doing that or ensure you and your business are appropriately compensated if they do so.