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Performing Arts

What Legal Issues are There?

The legal issues you may face in the realm of Perfoming Arts depends upon what role you play - no pun intended.

If you are a performer, the most common legal issues relevant to you will be compliance with your performance agreement (in whatever form that takes - it might not even be written), and copyrights (whether your own performer's copyrights, or those of others whose work you are performing).  There can also (like in every job) be liability issues depending upon the nature of the performance and work you are performing.

If you are a manager, producer or hirer of talent, you will usually be on the other side of the above agreements, and sometimes on both sides where you also perform.  You may also be under contracts with other parties relevant to the performance such as sponsors, venue and service providers, and perhaps choreographers and writers.

How Can We Help?

We are specialists in the areas of law that are relevant to the above issues, and have drafted and advised upon (and where necessary, enforced) many different types of agreements relevant to the Performing Arts.

We have represented and continue to represent a number of talented and high profile artists, performers, writers, producers and managers as well as sponsors and service providers.  Our comprehensive experience in these areas specifically enables us to give you experienced, professional and confidential advice and guidance upon which you can rely with confidence.