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Music Industry

What Legal Issues are There?

Copyright disputes seem to dominate the news whenever a legal spat in the music industry goes public.  However, copyright disputes are really only a small minority of the legal issues regularly dealt with in the music industry.

While disputes are not uncommon, most legal issues in the music industry are not about arguments at all, but rather about agreements.

There are many many different types of agreements in the music industry - every person involved directly or indirectly in the music industry will be under some sort of contract.  There are contracts governing performance, royalties, promotions, non-disclosure, management, recording, production, printing, appearance, licensing, assignment, writing, teaching, sponsorship ... the list goes on.

If you are well organised, you may also have agreements regarding partnership / joint venture, shareholders agreements, and other agreements providing structure and governance to whatever project you are involved with.

How Can We Help?

We are specialists in the areas of law that are relevant to the above issues.  We also have a particular understanding of issues as they relate to the music industry as our Special Counsel, Scott Coulthart, has been a professional musician and performer for over 30 years and still writes and performs.

We have represented and continue to represent a number of talented and high profile artists, performers, writers, producers and managers as well as sponsors and service providers.  Our comprehensive experience in these areas specifically enables us to give you experienced, professional and confidential advice and guidance upon which you can rely with confidence.