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Protection and Enforcement

How do I Protect my IP and Why Should I do that?

The first step to protecting your valuable IP is to identify what it is and what protections are available. Once you have done that, you should register what can be registered to preserve and enhance the rights you have in the IP. That IP and also other valuable IP that cannot be registered, should also be protected by agreements such as Non-Disclosure agreements and Licence agreements so that you remain in control of the extent to which the IP can be used, communicated or otherwise dealt with.

Doing this, you can grow your IP portfolio into a valuable income earning resource, making it ever more important to ensure it is protected and regularly review those protections.

Finally, you should monitor (as best you can) any potential breach of your rights in your IP, and if they are being breached, those rights should be enforced to preserve the protections you have spent the time, money and effort to obtain (which in turn preserves or enhances the value of your IP).

How Can We Help?

We can help you:

  • identify what IP you have;
  • register, maintain, enhance and renew your registrable IP;
  • provide further protection for that IP by negotiating and drafting appropriate commercial agreements between your business and other parties who are or will be using your IP;
  • detect and take steps to prevent breach of your IP rights;
  • enforce your IP rights against parties breaching those rights.