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How do I Commercialise My Intellectual Property?

If you have valuable intellectual property, you may need financial and other assistance to exploit it and develop and use it to its full advantage. You might need, for example, to seek venture capitalists, enter into licensing, partnering and/or distribution arrangements, seek expert field assistance, outsource, collaborate, diversify (or consolidate/specialise), sell, lease or market - perhaps even engage in a public listing on a recognised stock exchange ... and that could be just the beginning!

Whatever way you go, you will need a strategy and you will need strong legal support throughout the project.

How Can We Help?

We have vast experience in assisting clients to commercialise their intellectual property, geographically from very small projects through to major international projects involving over 50 countries, and financially from small investment requirements through to multi-billion dollar consortium projects.

We can advise you and can assist you to obtain the best available expert advice in relation to strategy and work with you towards obtaining your commercialisation goals.