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Agreement Drafting and Negotiation

Commercial Agreements

Every business and every business transaction involves one or more - in some cases a wide variety of - agreements. Even if a deal is made "on a handshake", there is an agreement involved with some legal ramifications.

It is always best to record such agreements in writing - there will rarely, if ever, be scenarios where the agreement should not be reduced to writing. Written agreements should provide certainty for the parties as to what has been agreed and should also provide clear guidance as to what the parties should do in the event of certain things occurring. Preferably, the agreement will deal with every reasonably foreseeable scenario between the parties while at the same time being succinct and clear in its description of what has been agreed.

Nobody wants their business deals to fail or for anything to go wrong, but quite often things do go wrong, even if you are careful (because you cannot control what other parties do). If something does go wrong and there is no written agreement between the parties, it may be your word against someone else's as to what the parties agreed to do in that case, or worse still, there may have been no agreement at all as to what should happen.

For these reasons, no business transaction between two parties should ever proceed without there being some sort of agreement guiding the conduct of the parties. This is the case whether the transaction is only worth a few dollars or whether it is worth several hundred million dollars - the principles are the same.

How Can We Help?

We have vast experience in negotiating and drafting agreements covering all aspects of a wide variety of commercial scenarios.

Whether you are entering into a licence, sale, lease, distribution, assignment, option, joint venture, partnership, franchise or any other commercial arrangement, or if you are entering into a simple commercial transaction or complex multinational arrangements involving a large number of parties and many thousands of transactions, our experienced lawyers will capably negotiate, draft and manage your commercial agreements for you.