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Graphic Arts

What Legal Issues are There?

The Graphic Arts involve all the same legal issues as Still Art (see our Still Art page for more on those issues).  However, these days graphic art almost always involves computer technology, which adds a layer or two of complexity to the legal issues.

Additionally, when animation is involved, so too are the legal issues that concern the film industry, which can be very complex.

Copyright is the most prevalent issue in Graphic Arts.  Generally this will only involve artistic copyright and perhaps moral rights, together with the specific copyright laws relating to works stored on or created via computer technology.  With animation, there will also usually be literary, musical, sound recording and cinematographic copyrights.

As is the case in all entertainment / arts industries, written agreements are necessarily commonplace in the Graphic Art industries, because they govern the intellectual property rights, licensing matters, payments/royalties, administrative issues and "rules of engagement" between the parties to the agreement.

There are many many different types of agreements common to Graphic Arts, ranging from simple service agreements commissioning works, to more complex agreements which might involve design, production, licensing or distribution, and in the case of animations, there may also be agreements common to the film industry such as for piloting, production, performance, publication, merchandising, non-disclosure, management, appearances, assignment, sponsorship and various others depending upon the type of project.

Your own type of involvement and organisation might also require agreements regarding partnership / joint venture, shareholders agreements, and other agreements providing structure and governance to whatever project you are involved with.

How Can We Help?

We are specialists in the areas of law that are relevant to the above issues, particularly intellectual property and technology related issues, and we have particular experience in drafting and advising upon contracts specific to the Graphic Arts industries.

We have represented and continue to represent a number of high profile organisations and artists creating and dealing with graphic art of various types and our experience in these areas specifically enables us to provide you with professional and confidential advice and guidance upon which you can rely with confidence.