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Online Gaming

Licensing and Regulatory Issues

Online gaming is consistently a growing industry worldwide despite ever-increasing regulation and restraint.

New markets are opening up on an almost weekly basis and not a day goes by when governments, agencies, industry groups and other stakeholders are not actively seeking to make changes to the already rapidly changing legal landscape in the online gambling sector.

While many of the logistics remain the same, the regulatory environment is different from State to State and country to country and it is imperative to keep up to date and regularly monitor your own compliance if you are in the industry.

International Operations

Conducting an online gambling operation involving users in multiple countries involves significant legal risk to the operators and their staff, particularly when this involves countries opposed to the industry.

However, many countries do support (but still regulate) online gambling operations but it is imperative that your legal advice comes from appropriately experienced legal advisers who have had significant exposure to and experience in the industry and preferably in the countries in which you operate or intend to operate.

How Can We Help?

We have represented some of the world's largest online gaming operators and other stakeholders such as investors and gaming syndicates.

We have significant experience in providing advice and obtaining licensing outcomes in a wide variety of countries and in drafting relevant documents and applications and in enforcing relevant legal rights in those countries (together with our agents and affiliates in those countries).