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Entertainment / The Arts

What Legal Issues are There?

No further removed from the rigidity and confinement of the law could anything be than the freedom and creativity of the entertainment and arts worlds.  Ironically, though, the intellectual property laws in which we specialise were first created for and continue to be driven by those very same worlds.

Top of the list of relevant legal areas is copyright, closely followed by trade marks, both of these supported by contract and trade practices laws.

Whether you take pictures, produce live acts, paint masterpieces, write bestsellers, compose aural perfectionery, choreograph, direct, film, perform, mime, display, record, manage ... at some stage, you will cross paths with various legal issues - or they may cross paths with you.

These legal issues can take a variety of forms, most often in the form of contracts regarding issues such licensing, performance, management, production and provision of services.  You will also come across issues such as copyright protection / enforcement, trade mark matters, as well as industry specific or situation specific matters such as screenwriters agreements, consignment, venue management and sponsorship issues.

How Can We Help?

We are specialists in the areas of law that are relevant to the above issues.  We also have a particular understanding of issues as they relate to arts and entertainment as our Special Counsel, Scott Coulthart, has been a professional musician and performer for over 30 years (since his early high school days).

We have represented and continue to represent a number of talented and high profile artists, performers, writers, producers and managers as well as sponsors and service providers.  Our comprehensive experience in these areas specifically enables us to give you experienced, professional and confidential advice and guidance upon which you can rely with confidence.