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Major Projects

Project and Contract Management Issues

Every major project in business must be appropriately managed, and that brings with it legal responsibilities which lead to legal liabilities, which must in turn be risk managed.

Before embarking upon any major project, whether it be a business restructure, major IT overhaul, business merger or even opening a new office, taking advice upon and managing your legal risks is as important as co-ordinating the many tasks required to be fulfilled before the project is complete.

The same applies to contract management. Competent contract management is essential to the success of every major project, and competent drafting, analysis and management of legal contracts and associated risks and issues is essential to competent contract management.

How Can We Help?

While we must leave the actual project management to you, we can make that task much easier and assist you to obtain a smooth flow of transactions and transitions by:

  • identifying legal risks associated with the project;

  • analysing your position at any given time and advising you upon "best practice" legal strategies from your position;

  • assisting you to resolve any disputes and enforcing your rights where necessary;

  • drafting, reviewing and advising upon relevant contracts.