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Commercial Litigation

Nobody ever wants things to go wrong in business, but the unfortunate reality is that things do go wrong from time to time.

Sometimes you may need to enforce your rights or get a ruling or permission from the Courts. At other times, you may be on the receiving end - rightly or wrongly - of legal action started by someone else against you or your business (or both!).

Litigation is often a costly and sometimes harrowing affair particularly for those who are not accustomed to it and particularly for those who are up against seasoned litigants and litigators.

However, your proposed (or unavoidable) litigation need be neither harrowing nor inordinately expensive if it is managed and conducted competently, professionally and fearlessly by experienced and savvy legal strategists.

How Can We Help?

Colloquially, it has often been said by users of professional legal services (although admittedly over a glass of wine after a successful court hearing) that a good litigation lawyer is part professor, part dealmaker and part junkyard dog.

While that sounds a little colourful, we quite agree. Our experienced litigators also fall well within this description at the appropriate times.

We have extensive experience in conducting commercial litigation in all State and Federal Courts from QCAT and the Federal Circuit Court through to the High Court of Australia, and are more than equipped to ensure that your litigation is conducted as successfully and as painlessly for you as possible.

Particularly in litigation, we stand by and constantly strive for our motto - Superior Service. Outstanding Results.