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Charitable Fundraising

Licensing and Regulatory Issues

Raising funds for a worthy cause is always a good thing.  However, as with most things, there are certain rules that apply.

Which rules apply will usually depend upon why and how you seek to raise funds, and also involve factors such as whether you do so commercially, privately, for work or social or promotional purposes, and what activities you undertake to raise those funds.  There may also be further rules if you seek to engage in those activities in more than one State and certainly if you seek to do so internationally.

There are also added complexities if you seek to raise funds by online or telephone (including mobile) activities.

Sometimes you may require a licence to engage in those activities, and other times you may not as long as you comply with certain rules.  The penalties for non-compliance can be quite severe for serious breaches.

However, the rules are not there to punish you, but rather to ensure that the funds raised are fairly raised, collected, accounted for and used for the purpose for which they were raised.

How Can We Help?

We represent a number of charities, charitable and commercial fundraisers and have significant experience in relation to fundraising and licensing issues, including in providing advice and obtaining licensing outcomes throughout Australia and dealing with the relevant government agencies.

If you have any queries or legal requirements concerning charitable fundraising, we are well equipped to assist you.