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Business Legal Issues

If only it was as easy as opening the doors every business day, doing a day's trade and getting paid without complications, and starting again the following business day ... but it is rarely that easy is it?

Assuming your business has already started up, you probably deal regularly (if not daily) with:

  • service providers, who might send you their contract (or they might not, which might mean it is best for you to send them one) - if there is no written agreement (even a really simple one) between you and your service providers, the terms you think you have agreed with them might not be the same as what they think they have agreed;
  • customers / clients - on what terms do you deal with them?
  • new ideas - who owns them and how are they to be controlled or developed?
  • competitors - are they breaching your rights? Are you breaching theirs?
  • ever-increasing regulations - such as trade practices, licensing, product liability, privacy and other industry specific regulations - are you across these, and how are you keeping up to date?
  • staff / consultants - apart from common workplace and IR issues, do they provide special expertise or creative services to your business?  Do you control and own what they provide?  Are you sure?
  • government departments, licensors / licensees, landlords / tenants, banks, etc.

How Can We Help?

We can assist you with whatever busines issues arise to the extent that they affect your legal rights and obligations.  While we may not always be able to solve every business problem you come across, hopefully we can at least make any problems easier for you to solve.

We have extensive experience in acting for all types of businesses from small start-up ventures through to major public companies and complex international organisations.